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Video of Girl Hearing Mum Say I Love You For the First Time

Watch This 10-Year-Old React to Hearing Her Mum Say "I Love You" After Getting Cochlear Implants

10-year-old hears mom say "I love you"

The power of a mother's love. ❤️ Watch as our patient Jaylin hears her mom say "I love you" for the first time after receiving a cochlear implant. #HappyMothersDay

Posted by Children's Health on Thursday, May 9, 2019

In honour of Mother's Day, Children's Health in Dallas, TX, wants to highlight "the power of a mother's love" in a very special way. In a video posted to the hospital's Facebook page, 10-year-old Jaylin, who just received cochlear implants, can be seen putting together how her new devices work.

"So whenever people talk, the sounds will go in my ear," she deduces. "Oh my gosh!" The little girl then becomes emotional as her mum, who's filming her, asks a few times, "Can you hear Mummy?" Finally, Jaylin nods — she can hear her — and her mum says, "I love you." Jaylin barely gets out an "I love you, too, Mummy" before bursting into tears again, and phew, can someone pass me a tissue?

Watch the full video above to see Jaylin's sweet reaction to her mom's voice — you'll never take an "I love you" for granted again.

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