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Video of Mums on Christmas in the '80s Versus Today

This Video Comparing ’80s and Today’s Mums on Christmas Is SO Accurate, I’m Heaving

Every year, planning and decorating for Christmas starts earlier and earlier, and parents begin thinking about gifts when it's still hot enough out to cook an egg on the sidewalk. The '80s, however, were a simpler time, filled with spontaneous get togethers in which Entenmann's cakes were the star desserts, spiked egg nog was how you hid from your kids that you were getting a little merry, and even though it was frigid, kids were sent to play outside alone all day.

In another hilarious instalment of their '80s mums vs. today's mums series, Meredith Masony of That's Inappropriate and Tiffany Jenkins of Juggling the Jenkins created a video in which they compare an '80s mum to a 2018 mum on Christmas, and you'll be howling with laughter by the 30-second mark. Tiffany's 2018 mum is hell-bent on wrapping her gifts Pinterest-perfectly while Meredith has just discovered the magic of the gift bag (though no one seemed to give her the tissue paper memo). Whether you're an '80s mum, you had an '80s mum, or none of the above, prepare to cackle.

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