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Video of Valentine’s Day Before Kids Versus as Parents

This Video Comparing Valentine’s Day Pre-Kids to Post-Kids Is SO Spot On That I Officially Give Up

When my husband and I were dating — and even early on in our marriage — we celebrated Valentine's Day with roses and fancy dinner reservations. Now, two kids deep, we are lucky if we celebrate it at all. And by "at all," I mean remembering to grab a box of Valentine's Day cards from Walgreens the night before to fill out for my kid's classroom party the next day.

I'm not overly romantic, but even I told myself that eventually the holiday would get back on track . . . you know, once we were out of this momentary phase of diapers and sleepless nights. But if this video — hilariously created by seasoned parents Penn and Kim Holderness — is any indication, the only steamy makeout session I'm going to have come Feb. 14 is when I kiss those mushy traditions goodbye for good.

Because once you trade lingerie for elastic-band sweatpants and a box of chocolates for a box of chocolate-flavoured laxatives, there's really no going back.

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