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What an Honest Mum Dad Text Exchange Would Look Like

This Is What a Text Exchange Between a Mum and Dad Would Look Like Without Backspace

There are two types of people in this world: those who carefully craft text messages, revising their thoughts before sending, and those who send the first f*cking thing they spell out.

In this hilarious video from the Open Minded Mothers Facebook page, we get a so-real-it's-fake look at a conversation between a mum in need of a night out and her husband, who doesn't want to be left alone with the kids.

It perfectly depicts those of us couples who attempt to delicately navigate text message conversations — first typing what we really want to say, then backspacing and trying again with fewer expletives, then backspacing again with something that mildly resembles kindness. It's a game of text ping-pong that's not for the faint of heart, and often reserved for desperate parents. For example:

Husband's text: Are you coming home right after?
Wife's first attempt: F*ckkkkk nooooo
Wife's second attempt: I don't know
Wife's third attempt: We might go out for drinks
Wife's text: Yes

So, take a look and decide: which type of person are you?

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