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13 Things All Mums of Multiples Understand

Your heart exponentially grows when you give birth to more than one child at the same time, but so does the work and chaos. While other parents are complaining about getting one baby to sleep through the night, you're trying to get everyone asleep — or at least not wake anyone else up. From buying multiples of everything to dealing with endless questions from curious strangers, there are certain truths that only parents can truly understand. Of course, it's worth it for the extra smiles, hugs, and personalities, but these are 13 harsh realities of raising multiples.

  1. It feels like one kid is always crying.
  2. No matter what, one is always in need of a diaper change.
  3. Feeling outnumbered is your daily norm.
  4. You always feel pulled in a million directions.
  5. You deal with feelings of guilt about how you divide your time that your friends can't relate to.
  6. You don't need to work out (not that you have time!) because they are your weights and you're lifting them all day.
  7. Praise from friends and family about how you do it all gets old after a while.
  8. One always has something dribbled or spilled and needs a new outfit.
  9. People always ask, no matter how old they get or what they're wearing, if they're twins, triplets, etc.
  10. Nothing is better than shopping in bulk, and Costco is your happy place.
  11. Strangers never understand why you're buying multiples of the same outfit.
  12. Nothing is worse than when they team up against you.
  13. Nosy people constantly ask about how they were conceived or just assume that you went through IVF.
Image Source: Flickr user Dan Bock
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