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What to Wear After You Have a Baby

These Are the Best Pieces to Wear After Your Baby Is Born

For those of you expecting your first baby, you would have heard the words "newborn bubble" get thrown around. You might have an idea of what it might be — perhaps being in a complete smitten-with-your-baby-bliss bubble, only knowing what is going on inside your four walls and not about the world around you? Is it also maybe living in your PJs? Yes, it's all of this and more. Sometimes we can get really caught up in this bubble and then get through to the other side of it three months or so later saying to ourselves, "Who am I?" and "How do I get myself back?"

Well, I can't help you remember exactly who you were before children (because that is as mysterious as the Bermuda triangle) but I can help you feel a little more like you with your post-baby style.

After my first baby, I was 25 kilos heavier, stuck in that "who am I?" bubble and I didn't return from it for five months. I was one of the few fashion bloggers in Melbourne at the time, had a wide international following, had previously been to Paris Fashion Week, and for someone who had a large audience reading her blog daily, I had to get my style back and get out of my darn gym clothes.

After I had my second child, I vowed to myself I would never let the post-baby-fashion me of 2011 return, so with this second baby in 2014, I was prepared to still be the fashionable Jess Dempsey of What Would Karl Do? that my readers relied on.

The key? Planning. Before my second baby was born I did two things, I organised my wardrobe with clothes that would definitely fit me after the baby was born (and hid all the size 8s deep in a dark corner out of sight) and I went shopping. Once you have your new pieces, spend time before you have the baby laying out outfits and taking photos of them. When your baby arrives and you don't have time to think, simply flick through the photos you took of your outfit combos and just grab the items you need. (Don't forget to have these pieces front and centre in your wardrobe.)

A post-baby body is never going to be perfect for anyone — it takes nine months to grow that little human, it will take nine months give or take (or more) to get you back to size (let me stress to you that this should not or doesn't have to be a priority, you have a gorgeous little baby to show for it). I know now that my newborn bubble time requires comfort and easy-yet-stylish dressing, so I'm here to share with you the key items I shopped for and have ready to wear to make life a little easier (and myself presentable) now that baby number three is on the way.

Image Source: Jess Dempsey
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