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This Pediatrician's Straight-to-the-Point Shirt Is Just Another Reason You Should Vaccinate Your Kids

Loving our pediatrician's shirt today from r/beyondthebump

Although schlepping your kiddos to the doctor's office is never a fun task — especially if they need a shot or two — one Reddit user reminded us why vaccines are so important. In a now-viral post, the mum shared a photo of her children's doctor wearing a shirt that says, "Vaccines cause adults," and yup, that pretty much sums it up. She added the caption: "Loving our pediatrician's shirt today," and we can't deny how clever the tee is. But in all seriousness, the photo is a great reminder for parents to get their little ones vaccinated. After all, no one wants a life-threatening case of the mumps, do they?

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