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Ashley Graham On Having Sex After Pregnancy

Ashley Graham Says She Wasn't Nervous to Have Sex Again Post-Pregnancy: "Everything's Still In There"

As a woman, I imagine reclaiming your body and your sex life post-pregnancy would be a tricky task. Giving birth, while an incredible experience, obviously changes your body, or as Supermodel Ashley Graham puts it, "the furniture is just probably rearranged."

Ashley, who welcomed first child Isaac in January with hubby Justin Ervin, told People that they still manage to find time for their sex life even after having a child and both being working parents.

"When you have a newborn, they usually sleep for a couple of hours, so we'll put him in the bassinet on the other side of the room and get it going," she said.

Ashley also confessed that she wasn't really nervous about getting back between the sheets, "A lot of women have asked me, 'Were you afraid to have sex again?' Not at all, and the reason I wasn't was because I know my vagina was made to have a baby and to push it out, and I knew it was going to go right back (to what it was). Everything's still in there, it all feels the same, the furniture is just probably rearranged."

She also went on to speak about how the couple, who just celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary last year, also make it a priority to find the time to connect as a couple and go on date nights.

"We'll take a walk, go to dinner, take a drive. That has been something that's been really great . . . because 24/7 it's about Isaac and we're both working parents now, so we need that extra time for ourselves that we used to have all the time," she said.

Sounds like Ashley and Justin are working towards a healthy balance and we love that for them.

Image Source: Ashley Graham Instagram
Ashley Graham Says She Wasn't Nervous to Have Sex Again Post-Pregnancy: "Everything's Still In There"  originally posted on POPSUGAR Love & Sex
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