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Iskra Lawrence Shares Instagram Update After Childbirth

Iskra Lawrence Calls the 2 Weeks After Giving Birth the "Most Challenging" of Her Life

Iskra Lawrence and her boyfriend Philip Payne announced the birth of their first child on April 19, and two weeks later the model is getting real about childbirth and life with a newborn. On Monday, Iskra shared a touching and vulnerable message about her recovery and adjustment period.

Iskra began her Instagram post by recognising that she's in a position of incredible privilege and she's thankful for her baby's health, as well as her own. "But I really want to share all the realness of my journey since becoming a momma because these two weeks have felt like the most challenging of my life," she wrote. "I never imagined how much my wonderful tiny human struggling with colic would affect me and all of the postpartum changes."

Iskra says she felt prepared for pregnancy, but her baby's experience with colic brought on new challenges. "NOTHING could have gotten me ready emotional and mentally to see the love of our lives screaming, bright red, whole body tense and seemingly in discomfort for hours a day and not getting enough sleep," she wrote.

"I must have ordered every product that says it can soothe colicky babies (I feel so privileged to be able to afford that luxury) as well as the most patient incredible daddy @philipapayne who I can't put into words because I'll cry but is the best team mate I could have dreamt of," she said, referring to her boyfriend of two years. "Posted these side by side because this is my current reality.. maybe 1 shampoo a week, still living in my adult nappies (because yes you bleed for weeks after birth) sleep deprivation, leaky nips + hormonal acne."

Iskra ended her post by emphasising her gratitude for her newborn and acknowledging that life will get easier. "I hope by sharing my struggles and being vulnerable some of you going through it feel less alone and know it's ok to not be ok."

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