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Emma Roberts's Mom Revealed Her Pregnancy on Instagram

Emma Roberts's Mum Accidentally Revealing Her Pregnancy on Instagram Is a Classic Parent Move

It doesn't matter if your aunt is Julia Roberts or if you've been in the spotlight for the past 20 years — fame can't protect you from dealing with the classic struggle of Parent on Social Media™. Emma Roberts had to deal with an extreme case of POSM not too long ago when the actress's mom straight-up revealed her pregnancy on Instagram, and her details of the story sound way too familiar. On Monday, the 29-year-old actress stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live for a virtual appearance on the late-night show to talk about her upcoming movie Holidate, and of course, the pregnancy revelation that had her blocking her mom on Instagram.

"I was keeping my pregnancy pretty low-key, but unfortunately my mother has Instagram," Emma said. "Mothers and Instagram is a bad combination, and she definitely spilled the beans." She went on to describe the incident that was "a disaster," especially being that Emma was on a plane at the time and couldn't get in touch with her mom. "We kinda laughed. We kinda got in a fight. I blocked her at one point. It was my only weapon!" she said.

Emma and boyfriend Garrett Hedlund announced their pregnancy in August with a sweet photo cradling her baby bump. Watch the hilarious interview above, and prepare to LOL when Emma says "it's been an Instagram war with my mother that I never saw coming."

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