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The Five Stages of Parents Working From Home | Video

This Dad's "5 Stages of Working From Home" Is So Accurate, You Have to Laugh

For those of us working at home with kids underfoot, work-life balance has looked a bit different than usual. Taylor Calmus of Dude Dad is one such parent experiencing the roller coaster that is being home all day and trying to be productive while taking care of kids, and to give us a much-needed laugh, his latest video walks us through the five stages of working from home that he's experienced. And friends, he pretty much nailed it.

Stages one and two are optimism and workspace setup, and even though these stages feel like they took place several years ago, it's not hard to recall friends and family holding onto their positive thoughts about setting up an at-home office 10 inches away from their child's play kitchen. "I just know with the proper setup I'm going to be way more productive," Taylor says in the video.

He then takes us through stages three through five: getting distracted, total frustration, and working at night while everyone else is sleeping. Appearances from his kids' toys, the family cat who will only sit on his keyboard, and a lamp-lit bed desk ensue.

No matter what your work-from-home space and routine has looked like over the last six weeks, it's hard not to relate to Taylor's woes. Watch the full lighthearted video above!

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