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Funny Video of a Toddler Sitting Inside an Empty Cabinet

This 2-Year-Old Made a Hangout Spot Inside an Empty Cabinet, and Snacks Were Involved!

Blair Monique Walker knows her 2-year-old son Noah is fairly independent for his age, however, she wasn't aware just how much he liked his privacy until she found him in hanging out in an empty basement cabinet. In a hilarious video making its rounds on Instagram, Monique gave her followers a look at Noah's creative setup, and frankly, we wish we were small enough to do this ourselves!

"Ok you know what? Enough is enough 🥴😂 an iPad, crackers and colouring book?" she wrote. "Oh and don't forget the blankets for comfort 😭.... Cabinet in the basement though? Y'all come get this baby. I'm tired."

Naturally, his facial expression upon being discovered is absolutely everything. We commend Noah on his imaginative digs and can't get enough of his deadpan response to the interruption. What a cutie!

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