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How to Celebrate Kids' Birthdays Amid the Coronavirus

10 Ways to Make Your Kid's Birthday Memorable While Self-Isolating

Having a child whose birthday falls during the self-isolation period can be incredibly challenging. Although planning a full-fledged party filled with your little one's friends and family is often a yearly event, the new rules put in place obviously make a big gathering impossible. After all, your family's safety is the most important thing, right? But just because your crew are spending your kids' birthdays at home doesn't mean they have to miss out on all the fun! We've rounded up a few creative ideas to ensure your kiddo's celebration is memorable.

1. Have a virtual birthday party with your friends and family.

Although we wish we could physically celebrate with the people who mean the most to us, your child's friends and family are only a FaceTime call away! Connect with their grandparents and friends to sing "Happy Birthday" and cut the cake!

2. Have a camping party with the family!

Either set up a tent in the backyard — weather permitting, of course! — or make a fort in your living room to cosy up for a night of movies, popcorn, stories, and gifts!

3. Throw a virtual slumber party.

Charge up your family's device and have your kiddo connect with a handful of friends for a virtual slumber party. They can watch a movie together and sneak in a little face time to make the night memorable.

4. Decorate your yard!

Families with a yard can get creative using balloons or DIYing a sign to make the birthday kiddo feel special. Make sure to take plenty of photos!

5. Organise a birthday caravan.

If your friends and family feel comfortable doing so, have them drive by your house during an hour-long window to give their well-wishes.

6. Have a day of pampering.

Break out your face creams and give mini massages to make your little one's birthday extraspecial. A few slices of cucumber can go a long way!

7. Spend an afternoon "riding" Disney attractions.

Thanks to a few active YouTubers, families can get the full effect of some of Disney's more popular attractions right from the couch! And if you're feeling particularly ambitious, try making your own Pirates of the Caribbean ride like this family did.

8. Stage a scavenger hunt.

Kids will love seeking out tiny treasures around the house! Hide a few small birthday gifts and make clues that will direct your birthday kid right toward 'em.

9. Make them a special dessert — and let them help!

Whether your child wants a classic birthday cake or is more of a cookie person, letting them help you make a treat from scratch will make for unforgettable memories.

10. Organise a card drop.

Have families and friends send your kid a slew of birthday cards that they can open one by one.

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