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Self-Care Activities For Busy Mums

The thing is, you still deserve some things that are just for you. Sure, your time out can't be as long as it used to be, but you can still make a little time. Those small windows can make a world of difference.

The best way to get through the ups and downs of motherhood is by discussing it with others going through the same thing. With that in mind, the best form of self-care can just be finding mum groups to join. Check websites like MeetUp, or sometimes local baby stores and even hospitals.

You'll often find these meet ups come with the added self care benefit of just getting out of the house. Truly, a change of scene can be all it takes to feel a little refreshed.

Even if group activities aren't your thing, it could be a solo walk around the block, or maybe a trip to your local cafe. If that last suggestion gave you shudders, don't worry. There are plenty of family-friendly places, like The Coffee Club, that welcome mums and bubs.

You know another way you can get out of the house? Take that coffee to-go and make an appointment for a new hair-do. Getting your hair done always has an unexplainable magic power that immediately makes you feel brand new. Find yourself a babysitter for an hour or so and pop along to the hairdresser — preferably one who also offers drinks and head massages.

On the flip side, sometimes you just truly can't get out of the house, and that's ok. There are still great at-home options to help yourself feel a little rejuvenated.

A bath is a tried and true method of at-home luxury — even when it can only last for a moment. Load up on relaxing bath salts and/or bath bombs, light up some candles and lock everyone out of the bathroom. If you want, you can multi-task on self-care activities by bringing a book in with you. Or a movie on your laptop if you have a safe spot for it.

Another option, perfect even if you only have a spare 10-minutes in your day, is a DIY face mask. In fact, even if you do need to check in on bub, you can keep your mask on. Try something new or go back to your old faithful mask and let your tired skin be revived.

Kids might be a blessing, but they're also hard work. Unlike most jobs you never get the night off, which is why taking even just a sneaky 10-minutes for your own self-care is so important. Go on — you deserve it.

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