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Why I'm Grateful For My Mum During Coronavirus

An Open Letter to My Mum, the Backbone of Our Family Right Now

Mother and teenage daughter talking at home

All mums are superheroes even though they don't wear capes, especially during the coronavirus pandemic. But my mum has really become the backbone of our family during this time. My sweet mum has put so much on her plate that I don't understand how she does it every day.

You see, my mum is a healthcare worker out there on the frontlines of this pandemic. She is a home health therapist walking in and out of various homes each day, not knowing what she's walking in to, and still treats her patients with compassion and dignity. When her work is done each day, she comes home to continue to make sure our home is still functioning with some semblance of normalcy.

Sure she does all of the important things like making sure our bills are paid, we have groceries for the week, and everyone wears a mask when we go out in public. But she's also doing the things that get less recognition, like calling elderly family members to make sure they don't need anything while we are out, letting me take over the kitchen since that has become my safe space while whipping up new recipes, and just lending an ear to listen to whatever my dad and I have to say. Those unrecognised moments are the ones that mean more to me than anything else.

My mum is putting the best parts of herself out there for the world and for my family just so we can have some sense of normal at home. Her joy-filled heart, her compassion for others, and her welcoming arms have become the backbone of my family. Even when she has given all that she has by 5:30 pm and wants to sit with a glass of wine on the patio, she still musters up the strength to tell me in times when everything feels overwhelming, "Baby girl, it's going to be OK."

I am forever grateful for a mum who loves me and guides me to her best ability. I'm grateful that she pours the best parts of herself into me, so that maybe I can be half of the mum that she is now. I'm grateful that she is the rock of our family and the one I can go to when I'm upset or don't understand something. I'm grateful that she takes time out of her day to make everyone in my family feel special. I could go on and on about why I'm grateful for my sweet mum, but there's honestly not enough words out there to tell you every way I love my mum.

So to all the mums out there, but especially mine, you are seen by your family, and you are incredibly loved. You have put yourself aside to help so many people, and to that I say thank you. You are the reason we are going to get through this pandemic and get through it even better and stronger in the end.

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