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The Best Cities For Walking

The Cities Where You Can Just Walk Everywhere

The Cities Where You Can Just Walk Everywhere
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The United Nations designated 2017 as the International Year of Sustainable Tourism, which means when it comes to travel, we should be looking not just at off-setting our flight emissions, but picking a destination where you can do everything there is to do in the most sustainable way possible. The easiest way to do this is by going somewhere that you'll only need two feet and a heartbeat to explore.

There are so many benefits to walking the streets of a new city other than reducing your carbon footprint: it's the best way to discover hidden gems that aren't in the guidebook, it means you get to interact with locals and it's a way to get a truly authentic feel of a city.

Going on foot doesn't mean you're restricted to small cities either — if there are well-connected public transport and cycling options, it's equally sustainable to visit. delved into their mega database of reviews from millions of travellers to find the top eight cities that get big ticks for walking, cycling and public transport, so that you can make your next holiday plans with a clear conscience.

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