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Best Whale Watching Gift Voucher Australia

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Australia is fun all year long, but during the later half of each year you can join in something really special. It's whale watching season, an incredible, must-have experience for everyone.

You'll remember the experience of seeing these magnificent creatures up close for the rest of your life. It's suitable for all ages and it needn't break the bank, as whale watching trips can be surprisingly affordable.

Around the same time every year (May to December), many whale species can be found in the waters around our coastline. This provides some incredible options to see nature in action as the whales move from the chilly Antarctic waters to give birth in warmer climates more suitable for their newborn calves.

People from around the globe jump at the opportunity to see whales on these trips, and for good reason — It's an activity that can be both relaxing and thrilling.

These experiences from Adrenaline are a good day out for almost anyone and you can pick a trip to suit your specific needs. There are trips offering refreshments and food on vessels of varying shapes and sizes. There are even varying lengths of time aboard to choose from. If you're short on time or just want to add an extra thrill there are options to give you a speedboat-style experience.

Regardless of the trip you choose, the whales are always the main attractions and never disappoint. Plus you'll get some breathtaking views of Australia's coastline, to boot. The people that run these trips are experts in tracking the movements of whales, but on the rare occasion where you're unlucky enough to miss the whales, many Adrenaline partners will give you a second trip for free.

So then, the only thing left to decide is when to go. Australia's east coast is a hot spot for humpback whales from April to November. Over on Western Australia's coast you can also spot humpbacks — alongside southern right and blue whales — between May and December.

The good news for nature-lovers is that whale-watching trips are very accessible. Departure locations include Sydney, Gold Coast, Melbourne, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Perth.

Head over to Adrenaline to book your whale watching adventure.

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