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Crazy Pet Trends

6 Peaking Pet Trends That Prove Humans Are Freaking Nuts

For millennials, fur babies (and fur grandbabies) are the new human babies, and there's a slew of businesses popping up to fulfil the trend. They all sound nuts in theory, but we have to admit . . . we wouldn't exactly decline a cat becoming our next drinking buddy.

Read on for six of the biggest pet trends according to the Mad Paws pet sharing community.

  1. Cat wine

    Let's face it, in Winter, drinking wine with your cat is an ideal way to spend a Saturday night. And now your cat can actually get a little tipsy. Produced by an American company, Apollo Peak, cat wine comes in a range of punny varieties like "Pinot Meow" and "The Moscato". The wine doesn't actually contain alcohol (obvs.) but instead includes catnip, which makes cats act tipsy. It's made from natural ingredients and could in fact have positive health effects on your pet.

  2. "It" pooch haircuts

    Japan has spearheaded the quirky pooch haircut trend. The "cube", which involves trimming your dog's fur into a perfectly-lined square and needs to be seen to believed, debuted in 2015 and ever since other shapes (circles and love hearts . . . to name a few) have seen pup parents paying top dollar for their pride and joy to be the height of fashion.

  3. Doggy pedicures

    Clipping your dog's nails on a regular basis is a must, but more and more, pets are going in for the works! Many dog groomers now offer fur babies a full pedicure — with polish. And if you're worried about them wearing polish, you can opt for a stylish claw cover (the animal version of nail wraps), like the ones available from US company Soft Paws.

  4. Pet massage

    Another doggy grooming service that's on the rise, pet massage is a way to offer your furry friend some R and R. There are plenty of massage spots all around Australia and there is even The Dog Massage App, for pooch parents who want to learn to give their pup a massage whenever he needs one.

  5. Puppuccinos

    Australia is a dog-loving continent and bringing the pooch along to your favourite brunch spot is becoming more and more common. And increasingly, there's something on the menu for them too. Starbucks created the "puppuccino" (Instagram is full of pups enjoying them) and now many other cafés are adding it to their offering. Note: it's just whipped cream in a cup.

  6. Cat yoga

    Yep. You can go and do a yoga class with your cat and stretch things out. Just be careful where you put your feet.

Image Source: Apollo Peak
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