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Guys Getting Emotional at Shanghai Disneyland | Video

These 2 Dudes Couldn't Help but Get Emotional at Disneyland, and Honestly, Same

No matter how old we get, the magic of the Disney parks will never cease to take our breath away. And for two theme-park-loving dudes, their recent experience at the newest Disney park nearly left them in a puddle of sentimental happy tears.

Shawn and Alex embarked on a two-day trip to Shanghai Disneyland and vlogged about every aspect of their epic journey — the rides, the foods, the shows, and everything in between. As they wrapped up the second day of their vlog by reminiscing on their favourites parts, things got, well . . . emotional.

While walking in front of the lit-up castle before the park's closing time, Alex explained the immense sadness he was feeling at that moment. "It's purely because we have to go," he admitted while getting all choked up. "I didn't believe in the impossible and the impossible of making the perfect theme park, and . . . oh my god, it's real," he admitted while glancing at the castle in the distance. Fighting back tears, he described Shanghai Disneyland as "the most amazing thing [he's] seen in 20 years of [his] life."

Honestly, we can all totally relate to these guys emotionally gushing about their pure love for the Disney parks. Watch the end of their travel vlog in the video above to hear them adorably showcase their Disneyland fanaticism.

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