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Hidden Waterfall in Costa Rica

Everyone's Flocking to This Hidden Waterfall in the Costa Rican Forest

A post shared by Maggie May (@twistedtetons) on

Nothing fuels our undying wanderlust (and subsequently drains our bank account) like discovering a hidden gem. That's why we're low-key flipping out over a waterfall in Costa Rica that just catapulted to the very top of our bucket list.

The waterfall is located along Rio Celeste, a river nestled away in Costa Rica's Tenorio Volcano National Park. The winding body of water leading up to the waterfall is so piercing blue that it almost looks Photoshopped (or like Blue Frost Gatorade, for that matter); but alas, it's all natural and simply the result of volcanic minerals chemically reacting beneath the water's surface. Ah, the beauty of science!

To get to the enchanting waterfall, you'll want to strap on those hiking boots, as it takes nearly an hour to trek there from the park entrance. But the views along the way (and of course, the scenic prize at the end of the trail) certainly make it worthwhile.

Ahead, admire the stunning views of Rio Celeste and its magical waterfall, all of which are sure to make your jaw drop with their sheer beauty. Costa Rica, we're comin' for you!

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