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How to Perfectly Poach an Egg

Kitchen By Mike's Secret to the Perfect Poached Egg Has Nothing to Do With Technique

Poaching eggs at home was one of those skills I felt like I was just never going to get. That was until I went to a breakfast catered by Kitchen By Mike. After perfectly poached eggs were served, top chef and co-owner of Kitchen By Mike, Mike McEnearney, said the most important element needed for good poached eggs is a deep, deep pot. Meaning one of those 11 litre bad boys.

Once you've got the big pot Mike recommends a two percent acid ratio. So for every litre of water you use, add a tablespoon of vinegar (or lemon juice). Then, "boil the water and get a spiral happening using your ladle," said Mike. "Crack your egg into a coffee cup, and pour it from the cup into the centre of the spiraling water. The egg will set gradually as it goes down in the spiraling water to the bottom of the pot, and when it's ready it will float to the top, you pull it out and it's ready to go."

If you use a shallow pot, the egg doesn't have room to set properly or form a tail, plus you have to keep lifting it out to test it. But in a deep pot, once it floats to the top, you know it's ready.

Now go forth and make perfectly poached eggs forever more.

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