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ISFJ Personality Traits

6 Things Everyone Should Know About ISFJs

As far as personality types go, ISFJ ("The Defender") is the hardest to categorise. Ironic, given that it's one of the most common personality types. Though we may be introverted (yes, I am an ISFJ), many of us possess great social abilities; and despite the fact that we are driven mainly by emotion and organisation, we can also be logical and receptive to change. All of this begs the question: who, er, are we, exactly?

Here's the (best) thing about ISFJs: we're greater than the sum of our parts. We can turn on or play down traits depending on the situation, but there are certain qualities that always prevail. Below, six traits ISFJs are made of.

  1. We're perfectionists. To ISFJs, there's no use in doing something if it isn't going to be done at the highest level possible. If we're not happy with a task, we work at it until we are, or give it due time. We take great pride in our work, and hold ourselves to a high standard. This means that often, we can be hard on ourselves.
  2. We fight for what we believe in. When ISFJs believe in something, it has their full, complete support. And in most cases, it's all or nothing. A worthy cause to get behind? We'll yell it from the rooftops. A goal we want to achieve? We'll do everything in our power to get there. Something that needs to change? We'll tell you about it, and keep on telling you about it until it happens. On the flip side, don't expect much if we're really not feeling something.
  3. You never have to question our reliability. In fact, it's almost offensive when you do (because our track record should tell you otherwise). ISFJs get sh*t done, on time, and on point. Trust is the least of your issues when you're dealing with one. However just because we can be counted on to get the job done, doesn't mean we like to be overlooked.
  4. We love, hard. Relationships are incredibly important — both platonic and romantic. We find unmatched joy and satisfaction in forming genuine connections with others, and show immense loyalty and affection to family, friends and partners. But though we love with full hearts, we need the reassurance that a relationship stands a good chance of going the distance. Otherwise, there's no point.
  5. Words hold incredible power. ISFJs consider any interaction between two people to be valuable, and in turn, take words and details to heart. Whether it be a compliment, insult, word of encouragement or promise, we'll always remember it or hold you to your word.
  6. We have no time for fickleness or fakery. Considering the value ISFJs place on relationships, we come with high-level BS detectors and can easily sense anything less-than-genuine. We're incredibly transparent ourselves, so can see right through any fronts.
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