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Japan Spa Amusement Park

A City in Japan Plans to Open a Spa Amusement Park, and We're Kind of Into It

A truly perfect holiday requires a healthy balance of relaxation and activity. But what if, somehow, you could combine the two into one? Introducing, the spa amusement park. To be perfectly honest, I've never envisioned myself sitting in a hot spring roller coaster and riding with strangers in my towel, but now that the mayor of Beppu, Japan has placed this image in my head, it's kind of all I want in life.

Back in November 2016, the mayor of Beppu, a city on the southern island of Kyushu that's well known for its onsen hot springs, issued a challenge. If a video depicting the grand vision of an onsen amusement park garnered 1 million views, he pledged to make that (unusual but arguably awesome) dream become a reality. Well, the video has closer to 4 million views now, and so we can only hope that the spa amusement park is actually in the works. There's no official date for its completion (yet), and though logistics do seem a bit questionable, we still hope this project is a true possibility. According to RocketNews24, plans are in motion. Watch the video ahead to see the hypothetical "spa" amusement park.

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