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Man Flies First Class on Emirates Video

See Every Over-the-Top Detail of This Man's $28,000 First-Class Flight

You do not know the meaning of the word "luxurious" until you've seen what flying first class on Emirates Airlines is like. Casey Neistat lucked into a seat upgrade on his flight from Dubai to New York City, and he detailed every over-the-top detail his first-class seat — which at the time cost about $28,000 at full price — had to offer.

After closing the doors (yep) to his seat compartment, Casey explored amenities like a full mini-toiletries set, a kit of amenities, automatic window shades, a very fancy touch screen with a removable remote about the size of an iPad mini, and a motorised personal minibar. Guests flying first class can also order full meals at any time during the flight — just like at a regular restaurant. You can even reserve a time during the flight to use the plane's showers — which look like they are inside a nice hotel rather than on a metal trap thousands of miles in the air.

Check out the full video to see the absolutely extravagant (and arguably rather excessive) accommodations that high-paying fliers (or lucky travellers like Casey) can enjoy.

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