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Motivational Advice From Successful People

5 Successful Women Tell Us What Keeps Them Motivated

5 Successful Women Tell Us What Keeps Them Motivated
Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography

Ah, motivation. The magic ingredient to getting sh*t done, getting ahead and getting better at anything. Sometimes it's there, sometimes it's hanging on by a thread, and sometimes you just have no idea how such a thing could possibly exist.

It's a thrown-about word and mysterious concept that has spawned a heap of self-help books and professional coaches. We know we need motivation, and the corresponding discipline to kick us into gear, but the reality is it's got more ebbs and flows than Kim Kardashian's social media habits.

That said, it only takes one look at the successful people of the world to know that motivation is not a myth or lost art. And even better when they share really valuable advice about it with us. Below, five women, self-made #bosses across different industries, dish their willpower and discipline secrets.

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