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Sol Cups Founder, Rebecca Veksler, on Why You Should Be a Problem Solver

In honour of International Women's Day, we asked friends of the POPSUGAR Australia family to share what International Women's Day means to them. Read all our stories, celebrating F*cking Awesome Females and continue to spread our message of empowerment and equality not just on March 8, but every day.

Running any company is going to come with a level of risk and fear. But if you are going to come into this world, wide eyed, then you better leave doubt at the door.

Being a female entrepreneur or business owner means you need to be equipped with confidence, self-awareness, thick skin and a very high level of skills in calculated risk taking. This world isn't new to me and I have been working my way through understanding the psychology of business since I was 17. I have had some of the most incredible mentors in my time and if there is some serious advice, I can share with you, it's stay authentic. Truly and wholeheartedly learn to communicate your true self throughout your business. Whether that means your product or service itself or through your employees and team mentality. This message needs to be transparent and communicated clearly.

If you are just dipping your toes into the world of start-ups, then you need to take any level of self-doubt or insecurities and leave them at home, or with your therapist. You can't be successful with a second guess attitude. It just doesn't work. Your business needs to scream passion, connection and belief. Because if you don't genuinely live, breath and believe what you're creating, then how on earth can your future customers? That is why authenticity is so important.

Business It is about creating positive experiences for your customer, whilst maintaining an authentic and true belief in your why.

One of the best ways to shake fear and doubt is to ask yourself that very question every day;

  • What is my why?
  • Why am I doing this?
  • What is it that I am so passionate about?
  • What is the end result?
  • What am I achieving by starting this business?
  • Who will I be impacting positively?
  • Does this fulfil me?

I can guarantee that 99.999 percent of the time if you can answer these questions you will be skipping to work singing about all the world's problems you're about to solve.

Be just that! A problem solver. Because remember a successful business in the 21st century is solving a problem the last generation created. If you can start here, I have no doubt you will be rocking fearless! Be bold, be innovative and be passionate!

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