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Bad Bedfellow: Is Sharing a Bed the Reason You're Not Getting Enough Sleep?

Research released for World Sleep Day revealed 94 percent of Aussies aren't getting enough quality sleep. The survey, conducted by Westin Hotels and Resorts, revealed only one in four Australians are getting eight hours a night, with the average rest time just six-and-a-half hours.

Another recent study found that six hours of sleep a night could be just as bad as no sleep at all. The lab-based research gave groups different amounts of sleep and tested their cognitive performance and reaction time every two hours — except when they were sleeping. The results showed the group who consistently got six hours of sleep a night performed as poorly as the group who were forced to stay awake for two days straight.

For couples sharing the same bed, the vast majority agreed that quality sleep is important for maintaining a good relationship with their partner. However, more than half said that they sleep better when they have the bed to themselves.

Check out the infographic with more of the survey results, then read up on our tips for getting a better night's sleep.


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