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Successful Women Share Their Best Financial Advice

You hit the workforce, you work hard and in return you make money. In the immortal words of the L'il Kim (I think, it was definitely one of the pop divas) when she covered Lady Marmalade in 2008 - better get that dough, sisters.

The basics of that are simple enough, but what do you do once you make that money? What about if you want to start your own business? How do you even set a financial goal? What about the future and working out where your Super fits into all of it?

In the moment it can feel like this doesn't matter, but in a year or so when you're looking back and realising just how much money you wasted, it can be really disappointing.

These kick-arse women have been in it, they've made the mistakes and they're now the definition of success. Let's learn from the wisdom they've gained to hopefully make better financial choices ourselves.

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