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Things to Do Alone Checklist

How Many of These Activities Have You Done Alone?

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How many things do you do by yourself? I'm not talking about the obvious stuff like showering, masturbating, or swimsuit shopping, but actual out-in-the-wild activities typically reserved for couples or groups — like going to a boozy brunch, checking out a music festival, or visiting a foreign country.

I spend a lot of time alone. While I have many lovely friends and wouldn't exactly consider myself an introvert, I've always been pretty independent, and enjoy punctuating my social time with moments of solitude. When I moved to San Francisco in my mid-20s, I learned pretty quickly that people's night and weekend plans fill up fast, and spontaneity is rare — it felt like if I hadn't nailed down a brunch group or movie date by mid-week, my only options were to invite myself along on someone else's adventure or go on one of my own. So, I decided to say "f*ck it" and start doing what I wanted to do when I wanted to do it, all by myself.

The thought of waiting for a friend to get back to me about going to brunch — when I could have already been there finishing my first mimosa — makes my eye twitch.

I've gone to restaurants and museums and movies. I've run races, travelled overseas, and braved IKEA. I've even attended a wedding where I only knew the bride. I've become my own best friend and favourite date, and have met some really amazing people along the way. And for better or worse, there's no going back for me. To this day, I can't think of a bigger waste of time than waking up, knowing exactly what I want to do that day, and texting people to see if they want to join before doing it (truly, the thought of waiting for a friend to get back to me about going to brunch — when I could have already been there finishing my first mimosa — makes my eye twitch).

But enough about me — how many things have you done alone? Scroll through the checklist below to find out your score, and remember: there's no shame in spending time by yourself. And if you haven't tried any of these activities while solo yet, it might be time for you to choose your own adventure.

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  1. Watched a movie in the theater
  2. Taken yourself to breakfast / brunch
  3. Eaten lunch at a restaurant
  4. Eaten dinner at a restaurant
  5. Drank at a bar
  6. Done a workout class
  7. Hung out at the park
  8. Hung out at the beach
  9. Attended a concert
  10. Attended a music festival
  11. Attended a wedding
  12. Taken a road trip
  13. Traveled to another city or state
  14. Traveled to another country
  15. Run a race
  16. Sung karaoke
  17. Gone wine or beer tasting
  18. Shopped at IKEA
  19. Taken a new class
  20. Toured a museum
  21. Gone to a fair, carnival, or amusement park
  22. Checked out a flea / farmer's market
  23. Taken a camping trip
  24. Gone sailing
  25. Gone on a hike
  26. Gone out dancing
  27. Celebrated your birthday
  28. Had a spa day
  29. Done volunteer work
  30. Had a surfing session
  31. Gone horseback riding
  32. Attended a sporting event
  33. Watched the sunrise
  34. Watched the sunset
  35. Gone to pub trivia and joined a team of strangers
  36. Gone to a comedy show
  37. Visited the zoo or aquarium
  38. Assembled furniture
  39. Done a DIY project
  40. Gone skydiving
  41. Gotten a tattoo
  42. Watched a play, opera, or symphony performance
  43. Gone skinny-dipping
  44. Gone ice skating
  45. Attended a book signing / lecture / seminar
  46. Taken a bike ride
  47. Taken a ferry ride
  48. Played video games
  49. Flown a kite
  50. Visited a haunted house
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