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Things You Should Be Able to Do at 30

22 Things You Should Be Able to Do By the Time You're 30

I've turned 30 this year, alongside a lot of people around me, and like all big milestones, breeching the boundaries of your forgiving 20s and entering your decidedly adult 30s makes you reflect. I say reflect, but I mean panic and internally scream, "What have I done with my life?!"

Granted, not everyone feels like this (or at least they wouldn't admit it to me), but as we are part of the generation that was asked as kids, "What do you want to be when you grow up?" and then took the longest time any generation ever has to actually grow up, the pitfall is large. Five-year-old me would have said that by 30 I would own a big house on the beach and a penthouse apartment in the city, have two kids, a husband, an amazing wardrobe, and a ground-breaking career. The kind of life that magazines would interview me to find out what I was like as a kid because they'd want to share how people should groom their kids to be as successful as me. I'm not joking, I distinctly remember practising my interview answers.

As it is, I'm 30 and have just one of the things my child-self anticipated. Maybe half of two others, if I'm being generous to myself. The five-year-old me set 30-year-old me up to fail. I might not have the fame, fortune and material things of childhood musings, or even the many of the things on zeitgeisty bucket lists of before-30 musts, but I can do sh*t.

Surely, if we're going to start measuring our success, it should be in our capabilities as 30-year-olds, rather than what we've ticked off, right? So here's a new before-30 list. One of everything you should be able to do, and be proud of being able to do, when you hit the big 3-0.

  1. Stick to a Budget
    If you can do this, no one can tell you you're immature.
  2. File Your Taxes
    Again, a woman with her finances sorted is a boss.
  3. Change a Tyre
    A skill that will get you out of a tight situation.
  4. Ask for a Promotion
    Because confident women know their worth.
  5. Cook a Meal
    For friends, for family, for your Masterchef audition, you can do this.
  6. Support a Friend in Need
    More important than having backpacked across Europe, being able to be there for someone and help them is a valuable life skill.
  7. Confidently Manage Small Talk
    Whether to get you through a work function or make new friends, small talk is something that also helps you include others. You won't always be the new kid, but someone will.
  8. Care for a Tiny Human
    By 30, you want to be the kind of responsible person a friend can confidently ask to help them out, including taking care of their baby (or fur baby).
  9. Manage Your Insurance
    You don't have to be a Compare the Market regular, but having insurance and knowing what you're covered for is important.
  10. Renegotiate a Debt
    If you've landed yourself in an undesirable financial situation, know how to get help and work your way out of it. Note: This doesn't involve asking your parents.
  11. Mix a Cocktail
    Your 20s definitely taught you how to drink them, but to be a good hostess, you should also know how to mix them.
  12. Go Unplugged for a Weekend
    Your wellness is important, and you should feel confident that turning off your phone for 48 hours isn't going to ruin your life, or anyone else's.
  13. Travel Overseas Solo
    Maybe you haven't done it yet, but at least know that you can.
  14. Write a Thankyou Card
    Expressing gratitude is a true skill and one that makes the world a better place.
  15. Do Your Laundry
    Sans the help of Mum and Dad.
  16. Troubleshoot Technology
    If you don't know how to fix it, you should know how to find out how to fix it.
  17. Write a Resume That Gets You Hired
    Up there with one of the most important abilities you can have.
  18. Be Someone's In-Case-Of-Emergency Contact
    This is something you can be proud of.
  19. Care for Someone Who Is Sick
    Being able to put your own stuff aside and focus on someone else's is only for grown ups.
  20. Keep Up to Date with Medical Appointments
    You know your body is important, and keeping it healthy is priority number one.
  21. Say No
    Knowing your capabilities and not over-committing is important.
  22. Keep Plans With Friends
    We are generation "bail", but you want to be the kind of person who honours their commitments.

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Image Source: POPSUGAR Photography / Kathryna Hancock
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