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Tips to Make Moving House Easier and Quicker

24 Ingenious Moving Hacks That Make Packing Painless

When your moving date creeps closer and closer, the mere thought of packing up can be daunting. Putting all your belongings into boxes just so that they can be taken out again is nobody's favourite activity, so we found some amazing moving tips that will make going to a new place easier than you ever thought possible. Check out these ingenious moving hacks below.

1. Slide clothes on hangers directly into garbage bags. Unpacking will be a breeze.

Source: Instagram user manda_gee

2. Put cotton balls in your makeup compacts so they don't break. They act as a cushion inside of fragile powder cosmetics.

3. Use toilet paper rolls to organise your cords. Keep wires organised by wrapping each cord up and stuffing it inside an empty roll.

4. Take pictures of your house before you move in. If you're a renter, make sure you document exactly how your house looks when you move in. You want that deposit back!

5. Wrap breakable dishware in your shirts. Not only are you saving on bubble wrap, but you're also packing multiple items at once.

14. Change your address in advance. Make sure to take care of this pesky chore at least two weeks before move-out.

15. Defrost your fridge a day before moving out. Avoid all kinds of leaks and nasty smells by doing this at least a day ahead of time.

16. Keep track of your moving expenses; some of them are tax-deductible. Move now, save money later.

17. Stack plates with Styrofoam plates in between one another. It's an easy and cheap way to make sure your plates don't break.

Source: Instagram user ashley2563

18. Roll up your clothes. Instead of folding clothes, roll them all up to save lots of space.

19. Wrap a rubber band around your doorknob so you don't get locked out. Wrap around one doorknob, then cross it over to the doorknob on the other side so that the lock is blocked. When you are going in and out of your house, you won't have to worry about being locked out.

Source: Lifehack

20. Put towels underneath heavy furniture to avoid ruining floors. The furniture will also slide away very easily.

21. Label your boxes on the side, not the top. When you stack them, you will always be able to see what's inside. Source: Instagram user major1move

22. Use sandwich bags for small important items like screws. When you go to put a bed frame or bookshelf back together, they'll all be in the same place.

23. Find free moving boxes for free — ask Coles or Woolworths. You can also ask for boxes at smaller stores; they often have lots of leftovers.

24. Make sure to use the Moving Day app. This app will make sure that you stay super organised on your busy moving day by helping you catalogue the things you pack. It also has a built-in bar code scanner and label maker so that you can keep track of all of your possessions.

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