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Ways to Beat Daily Stress

5 Ways to Beat Daily Stress

5 Ways to Beat Daily Stress

POPSUGAR Australia Smart Living is your hub for career and life advice. We've tapped Lisa Messenger, founder and editor-in-chief of The Collective magazine, to contribute her expertise on work well-being and becoming a total #girlboss.

Two years ago, when I decided to launch a lifestyle magazine — despite the fact I had absolutely no magazine experience (people thought I was crazy) — there were certain stereotypes I was determined to break.

  1. The belief that only bad news sells. I wanted to create a magazine that shared inspiring, realistic but optimistic stories.
  2. The old-school image of a cigarette-smoking, cola-swigging magazine editor, who copes with the stress of deadline week by reducing her calories and upping her painkillers.

I was determined to find my own way. Fast forward to now and my magazine — The Collective — is now sold in 37 countries and growing, proving that people do want positive contents rather than just "pessimism porn." As for me personally, I've had to find my own ways of looking on the bright side when deadline week looms (and every other day when I'm faced with speed bumps). This is my stress-relief tool kit:

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