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What Do Dreams About Death Mean?

What Do Dreams About Death Mean? The Answer Actually Makes a Lot of Sense

If you have ever woken up from a dream that involved death, chances are it really bothered you. It's understandable — having visions of something so serious can stay in your mind. But don't fear; death-related dreams are very common.

So what do they mean exactly? Experts say that often a death — whether it be yourself or someone else — is symbolic of something ending in your life. If you have put a stop to a relationship, career, or anything drastic recently, this could very well be why you are having these dreams.

Alternatively, someone close to you could have also made a big change in their life, and that's why you're having these visions when you go to sleep at night. If you really care about this person, the end of a period in their life would naturally be on your mind.

No matter why you are having these dreams, just remember that they are normal!

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