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What to Put in a Pet Resume

Why Your Pet Needs a Resume

Urban living in 2017 is a renter's world — which is problematic for a few reasons, but if we're talking cuddly kittens and adorable puppies, it's difficult because while two-thirds of Australian households have pets, only a quarter of rental properties list that they accept them. In a survey by it was found that 42 percent of renters found it "extremely difficult" to find a property that would accept their pets. While the law still allows for landlords to place a blanket ban on pets (as long as they aren't aid dogs), of 700 property agents and landlords surveyed, around 80 percent said they would consider pets, especially if they were presented with all the information required. Hence the idea of the pet resume was born.

Here are five tips for creating a winning resume for your pet.

Put everything in there

Include your pets medical history, including vaccinations and flea treatments, desexing certificate, microchip details (including local council registration certificate), and any qualifications achieved (even if it's only puppy preschool). Write a little about their likes and dislikes — and as with your own resume, word it wisely.

Add a picture

Obviously. Pets are adorable.

Include references

Not joking. The RSPCA recommends providing a reference letter from your vet and/or obedience trainer. If you've rented with your pet before, a letter from your prior landlord outlining what a "model tenant" your pooch was, it will definitely help.

Do your research

Look into your building's strata records, some buildings have weight restrictions for pets, while others have stipulations about the amount of pets someone can keep. If other tenants have applied and been approved to keep a pet in the past, providing evidence of that will work to your benefit. You can find out more about strata laws around applying for pets here.

Write a formal agreement

Offer to sign a declaration outlining your commitment to take responsibility for and make good on any damage caused by the by your pet, including noise, as well as maintain the hygiene, vaccinations and health of your pet. This is a great example to work from.

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