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What to do in Australian Summer

How Many Experiences Can You Check Off Our Ultimate Summer List?

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Ah, the Australian Summer. That heady time when there's sand all through your car, someone is always up for an after-work beer and you've eaten more Pine Lime Splices than you care to remember.
Every Summer is a great one, but to help make sure that this one is even better, we've compiled the ultimate Summer checklist. Print it out and put it on the fridge, send it to your SO/housemates/girl gang or get your independent lady on and set off on some solo adventures.

Don't forget your sunblock, and we recommend always having your swimmers and a book in your bag should an urgent swim in the ocean be required. Because perhaps the best thing about Summer is all that opportunity for ocean therapy. Yes, we think it's a thing.

Tick off every Australian Summer experience you've had, and bookmark the rest.

Image Source: Sisilia Piring
  1. Made a Summer house party play list that included "Throw Your Arms Around Me"
  2. Skinny-dipped
  3. Eaten a Bubble O'Bill (as an adult) and didn't enjoy the bubblegum nose as much as you did as a kid
  4. Had fish and chips on the beach for dinner
  5. Gathered your girl gang and watched a retro movie at the open air cinema
  6. Caught a fish
  7. Spent hours fishing but didn't catch a fish
  8. Got so horribly, soul-crushingly sunburned and swore Never Again
  9. Spent an entire sunny day binge-watching Netflix with the aircon on
  10. Discovered "your drink" of the Summer and then subsequently had it at every social occasion
  11. Found a friend with a beach house and loved them for life
  12. Wore nothing but your swimmers and a sarong for an entire day
  13. Ate a mango in the bath
  14. Visited one of Australia's iconic "big things" and took an ironic photo in front of it
  15. Did the perfect cartwheel on the the beach . . . and nobody saw it
  16. Read a book under a tree and remembered the joy of simple things
  17. Dragged the same book to every beach trip and never finished it
  18. Gave up blowdrying your hair and embraced the curl
  19. Had a steamy Summer romance
  20. Went on a water slide and it was as fun as you remembered it
  21. Danced all night after a "just one drink" session with your gang escalated
  22. Bought and floated on at least one inflatable pink flamingo in a body of water
  23. Ate ice cream for dinner because it was too hot to cook
  24. Declared that this was your Best Summer Yet on Instagram
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