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Dog DOMUTs Business

POPSUGAR AUSTRALIA has partnered with CGU to help rescue Australia’s lost ambition.

Thea Mendes and her 11-year-old son, Marcus, are changing the canine edibles market as we know it. How? With doggy donuts, of all things, and it just might be the sweetest story we've ever heard.

You see, Marcus was helping his mum, Thea, at her donut market stall in Canterbury of Sydney's Western suburbs when the idea took shape. He tried to share a donut with a furry friend before being told it would make the pooch unwell.

This made quite the impact on Marcus, who proceeded to research which ingredients dogs were able to eat, and which they absolutely couldn't, because he too wanted the dogs of the world to be able to enjoy donuts just like their human owners. Marcus' interest was accelerated by his own desire to own a dog, something he'd been asking his parents for prior to that fateful day.

This is how DOMUTS — yummy donuts made especially for dogs — came to be, with Thea instilling a very important lesson of working for your goals in the process. She suggested her son sell DOMUTS on the weekend, save, and use the profits to buy the pooch he wanted so badly.

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