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How to Extend Your Annual Leave Days in 2020

How to Turn 20 Days of Annual Leave Into 42 in 2020

Living in Australia can make international holidays hard. While cocktails by the pool in Palm Springs, music festivals in Germany and Italian hospitality lure us afar, there's that very rich price to pay: 20 hour flights and jet lag that knocks you out for days.

What we really need, obviously, is a holiday to recover from the holiday flights. Here's a way to hack your 2020 so that your annual leave aligns with public holidays and weekends. The simple maths is this: 20 days of annual leave becomes 42 days of holiday time.

What? When? How? I know. If you take eight days of annual leave, your Easter holiday turns into 16 days of Chill. Take seven days of annual leave over Christmas and that's 13 days of holiday.

Here's what to take, when:

  • January 24: This will get you four days over the Australia Day long weekend

  • April 6—9 and April 14—17: Combined with the weekends of April 4/5 and April 18/19, and the public holidays from the April 10—13, you practically have half of April work-free.
  • June 9—12: With the weekends and a public holiday on June 8, taking leave on these dates extends your holiday into nine days of bliss.
  • December 21—24 and December 29—31: 13 days of Christmas holidays? Yes please!

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