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10 Year Anniversary of the Hashtag

#Memories: The Best Hashtags From the Past 10 Years

Prepare to feel old: It's been a full decade since the hashtag because a tool of Twitter, and a staple of our daily vocabulary.

On Aug. 23, 2007, Chris Messina used #barcamp in a Tweet, and it was the first time a hashtag was used to bring a group together.

Since then, it really *cough* took off. Now, 125 million hashtags are shared every day on Twitter with the most used being shared about 300 million times.

Australia's most used hashtags include social movements #illridewithyou, sporting days (#MelbourneCup), and the ever-trending #auspol (which has been used 3.5 million times). But that's nothing compared to Tweets marked #5SOS (the tag of homegrown boy band 5 Seconds of Summer), which has been used almost half a billion times. Half. A. Billion!

To celebrate 10 years of being #blessed with #hashtag life, we rounded up our most memorable hashtags. #Memories.

Used qualify that it's all real.

#ThrowbackThursday or #TBT
Which meant texting your mum to send you shots of you as a baby.

Used when you need to complain about something annoying but trivial in the spectrum of global problems.

Used when you know you're boasting, but trying to down-play it.

It was the Qantas campaign that started as an innocent competition and turned into a PR nightmare.

Still one of the best things to search when you're in need of a laugh.

The hashtag that started as genuine for the rich, wealth and lucky but quickly turned sarcastic for everyone else.

Who knew we'd all start looking at our feet and what's beneath them when we all started taking a trillion photos a day? This has stretched to #Ihavethisthingwithwalls also.

Remember when this was tagged on every mirror shot that every person took?

The pregnant ladies #OOTD.

Popular when we worked our Insta accounts like a calendar.

See #ManCrushMonday.

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