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3D Touch Tips

19 3D Touch Tips That Will Change How You Use Your iPhone

19 3D Touch Tips That Will Change How You Use Your iPhone

Still confused about what 3D Touch is? Don't worry — I was too until I started tinkering around with the feature more. Available on the iPhone 6S, 6S 7, and 7 Plus, 3D touch is a great shortcut tool to use on your iPhone that you won't regret learning how to use.

In short, 3D Touch uses force and pressure on your iPhone to determine what action to do next. If you press down hard on an app or a link in a message, you'll get a "Peek" of what actions you can take or a preview of links. Press a little harder and you'll "Pop" into the app itself.

Keep reading to see our favourite ways of using it, and then catch up on these other iOS 9 tips.

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