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Australian Takes Selfie With a Humpback Whale

This Aussie Just Snapped the Selfie of the Year

#selfie game on point. Having a #whale of a time in #Tonga. #humpbackwhale 🐳

A photo posted by ..Will Rosner (@will.rosner) on

There were some hot contenders, but in 2015, the unofficial title of Selfie of the Year went to Canadian brothers Michael and Neil Fletcher who snapped a candid moment with a bald eagle. We're not quite three quarters of the way through 2016, but we think 24-year-old Sydney-native Will Rosner has just claimed this year's title.

Will is currently on a three month hiatus sailing across the South Pacific, and his Instagram feed is full of incredible beach, ocean and whale shots. However the winning snap, taken off the coast of Vavau, Kingdom of Tonga, is of his smiling face bobbing in the water as a humpback whale breaches (what looks like) just a few metres behind him.

Firstly, is it safe to be that close to a whale? Secondly, everyone grab a snorkel, we're going to Tonga!

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