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Burrito Taco Pepper Math Equation

This Math Equation May Make You Hate Tacos and Burritos Forever

Tacos and burritos may be ruined forever for you, all because of a head-scratching math equation that the internet is freaking out about. It seems like a simple formula — at first. But there's a major catch — one most people are missing.

Take a look a the puzzling equation and see what you think.

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Did you get 27? 26? Or something else completely? The majority of commenters were 100 percent sure that the answer is 27. They got this because, based on the plugging in numbers for the tacos, burritos, and peppers, you come to the conclusion that each taco = 20 (because 3 tacos = 60). So, if a taco = 20 and taco + 2 burritos = 30, simple math will have you deducing that each burrito = 5 (20 + 5 + 5 = 30). The last line of the equation throws you for a curve ball by adding in pepper. If burrito (5) - pepper (X) = 3, then pepper must then equal 2 (5 - X = 3; X = 2). That being said, pepper (2) + taco (20) + burrito (5) = 27 (2 + 5 + 20 = 27).

However, some are certain that the answer is actually 26. This is because of slight difference between the pepper on the last line of the equation and the ones on the second-before-last line of the equation. The burrito (5) is having not one but two peppers side by side subtracted from it to get 3. This means that each individual pepper would actually equal 1 (because burrito (5) - (pepper (1) + pepper (1)) = 3). If you look at it THIS way, then the final line of the equation would actually equal 26, because pepper (1) + burrito (5) + taco (20) = 26. Not 27. What do you think? Our ultimate conclusion? We're hungry.

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