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Donald Trumps Twitter War With Danny Zucker

Donald Trump Got Into a Twitter Fight and Got Burned So Bad

Donald Trump has been making headlines lately for his controversial comments about immigration, but it's not the first time that the presidential hopeful has let his opinions get the best of him. A copy of Trump's 2013 Twitter feud with Modern Family executive producer Danny Zuker has resurfaced and gone viral, reminding people everywhere about just how badly the politician got burned.

Oh, snap. There was no way that Trump could emerge victorious from an argument stemmed from his own hypocritical business practices, but his overuse of the words "loser" and "lightweight" is almost painful to read. While Twitter comeback skills aren't a requirement for the commander in chief, it's probably not the greatest idea to bash on one of America's favourite TV shows and resort to name-calling all in the same conversation. However, Zuker flawlessly settled the argument some well-aimed jabs at Trump's policies and coined a new hashtag, #Trumpelstiltsken, in the process. It's not something that the Internet will soon forget, and neither will Zuker.

Almost two years later, it seems that the argument is still fresh in the comedian's mind — and ours, too. So if you ever find yourself in the midst of a Twitter feud, try remembering Trump's social media battle as an example of what not to do in your own life.

Image Source: Imgur user illcosby
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