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Funny Shower Thoughts From Reddit

17 Shower Thoughts You'll Instantly Relate to

Showers give us a solid 10 to 20 minutes of pure, blissful alone time — where we can plan about the day, re-enact our own remix of "Bad Blood," and ponder about the world's most thought-provoking questions. Like adding guacamole to burritos. Ahead, check out some of the best ideas from the popular shower thoughts subreddit — some are ridiculous and others get pretty deep but all will blow your mind one way or another.

Source: NBC

  1. I piss and moan about spending $0.99 on an app for the rest of my phone's life, but don't think twice about adding guac for $1.95 on one burrito.

    Reddit user gotjoseph37

  2. My dog probably thinks i just walk around parks all day, and occasionally decide to bring him along.

    Reddit user Excitedpenguin

  3. I wonder how many family photos I'm in of families that aren't mine.

    Reddit user Unicorn_Cowboy

  4. I try harder to get cats to like me than I try to get humans to like me.

    Reddit user FuriousCatLoL

  5. Source: Tumblr user ksh360

  6. As a kid, nothing excited me more than seeing a McDonalds Playground. As an adult, nothing disgusts me more than seeing a McDonalds Playground.

    Reddit user porklomeinnoveg

  7. As soon as a UFO is identified as a UFO, it is no longer a UFO.

    Reddit user TheHexylene

  8. Drug dealers should have monthly blowout special events like car dealerships. Could you imagine . . . Methamphebruary!

    Reddit user A-D-A-M_

  9. Source: AMC

  10. The phrase "not to mention" is used for the sole purpose of mentioning something.

    Reddit user flapdragonfruitsnax

  11. If you order DiGiorno Pizza on Amazon, it IS delivery.

    Reddit user OrcsAndPuzzles i

  12. Jurassic park (the first) wouldn't have ended up in a disaster if Hammond paid his IT guy properly.

    Reddit user FrenchFry77400

  13. Source: Universal

  14. Peter Quill, Star Lord, and Owen Grady, Raptor Trainer, Both Sound like characters Andy Dwyer would create for himself.

    Reddit user Judeunduli

  15. Mosquitoes must have balls of steel. If I saw a giant thousands of times bigger than me, I'd be hastily running in the opposite direction, not enthusiastically flying towards it with a jet pack and a syringe.

    Reddit user the_real_pineapple

  16. I wonder how many fatal car accidents have actually been caused by spiders.

    Reddit user ilikeobjects

  17. Due to inflation, since 1998, 50 Cent's name should now be 73 Cent.

    Reddit user Chris_Bandito

  18. Source: HBO

  19. Peter Parker earns a living through selfies, and he's probably the first to do it

    Reddit user pinkpitbull

  20. I wonder if my dog feels trapped and that's why he barks at strangers. Hoping they will free him from his prison.

    Reddit user Mieos

  21. What if your human life is just one simulation game being played by an alien version of yourself, and when you die you go back to your alien consciousness and choose a new game to play from your library of hyper-advanced consciousness simulators?

    Reddit user SteveLithops

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