When it comes to GIFs, there is no more definitive source than Giphy. It's for that very reason that it's one of my most-visited websites, and for many, it's the definitive source for finding the perfect image to say what words just couldn't possibly express. It should come as no surprise, then, that 300 million web users share over two billion GIFs every single day — and those numbers say a whole hell of a lot about the emotional state of the world at any given time.

This year, Giphy added a much-needed view counter, which allowed the platform to display just how viral a GIF had truly gone — and, of course, to pull together the most-viewed GIFs of the year for one hell of a yearly wrap-up. Ahead, check out our countdown of the top 25 GIFs on the Giphy platform in 2017. From Nicole Kidman clapping to that white guy blinking, it's all here, and it's the best way to look back at the year that was 2017.