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Hillary Clinton's Pizza and Anal Retweet

Hillary Clinton Just Made the Most Embarrassing but Hilarious Twitter Mistake

Hillary Clinton's been proving to be pretty tech savvy since the start of her campaign — even texting her fans during the recent GOP debate. But when it comes to Twitter, it looks like she still has some things to learn. Unfortunately for Hillary (but fortunately for us), the presidential hopeful retweeted a story by NBC News but didn't realise the original headline cut off at the most hilarious point.

The distorted title reads, "Hillary Clinton's Campaign Is Powered by Pizza, Anal . . ." when it was supposed to be "Hillary Clinton's Campaign Is Powered by Pizza, Analysis Shows." But wait, it doesn't stop there. Hillary wrote "Guilty as charged" with a pizza emoji in her retweet and has yet to take it down.

Twitter user Ian Padgham quickly pointed out how the candidate's tweet looks on mobile when he wrote, "Probably the most unfortunate dot dot dot in any political retweet, ever." Seeing as how users can't see how retweets will look once they're cut off, we don't blame her. Instead, we thank her for the laugh.

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