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How To Create a Popular Instagram Profile

Life has never looked so good with technology putting the world at our fingertips and in our pockets. And soon, Samsung's Unpacked event will have us seeing life through an entirely new lens. With the Camera. Reimagined. we'll be viewing every obstacle as a path forward, and proving the doubters wrong by doing what we ‘can’t’ in the digital world and beyond. Join us on the adventure. See what’s possible. Capture it.

Women run social media — at least, we're the vast majority of active users (guilty). In Australia alone, Instagram had nine million monthly users. Yep, nine million with a slightly higher percentage of female users than men. When you stare down the stats, it might seem like the ship has sailed on building a social profile that really stands out. Not so fast. That's where our very own expert, Phoebe Youl comes in.

As POPSUGAR Australia's Social Media Editor, Phoebe knows just how it important it is to curate the feed in 2018. She's responsible for the energizing, ladies-to-the-front theme we're currently rocking on our official Instagram account and is pioneering social media storytelling for the content we produce every day. In short: she knows her stuff.

To help you take your social media game to the next level, we asked Phoebe for the seven tricks she swears by. Take it all in, then whip out that smartphone camera and start experimenting — you'd be surprised just what's possible when you have the right tools (and know-how).

Thanks, Phoebs!

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