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How Are Creators Using IGTV

How to Use Instagram TV According to Pia Muehlenbeck

Waking up to the news today that Instagram has officially launched IGTV (their answer to longform video) was pretty darn exciting. Particularly considering we had just asked Eva Chen that very question a week ago at an Instagram fashion workshop (c'mon we couldn't be the only ones itching to post longer videos?).

So, when Instagram gave us the opportunity to chat with one their IGTV launch partners, we jumped. Because guys, we had so many questions! For example, are we all basically network execs now? How do you actually use the app? And is creating content on IGTV easier than some of the more traditional channels?

But because the future is now, instead of just calling Pia, we decided to slide into her DMs. Messaging back and forth while she was enjoying dinner with team Instagram in California ahead of VidCon, we asked Pia to share her best tips for creating awesome content and why she thinks vertical video is the future. Roll the clip.

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