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If You Try to Figure Out the Mistake in This Math Problem, It'll Make You Go Crazy

Not all math problems are meant to be solved — some are here just to watch the world burn and make people question everything they ever learned in school. And while some problems have different solutions, others have answers that don't deal with numbers at all, like a recent Facebook post asking people to find a math mistake.

The photo, shared by Facebook user Antley Lamont Staten, shows a photo of a man holding up two sheets of paper. One paper has the numbers 1-9 written on it. The other paper asks people to share when you find the mistake. Try to solve it for yourself below:

Did you groan? Or are you trying to figure out what the issue is with the numbers? The answer is on the paper to the left — the man spelled "mistake" wrong. The post has clearly struck a nerve, considering it has more than 59,000 reactions, 300,000 shares, and plenty more comments.

Sometimes the answer really is simple and requires no math at all.

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