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Milkshake Twitter Story

This Guy's McDonald's Milkshake Story Is One You'll Never Forget

Sometimes, it's late at night and all you want to do is satisfy a food craving. That's exactly what one man did when he found himself in the middle of a strange love story at McDonald's.

The man, Josh Raby, a director and writer living in Nashville, Tenneessee, first started his story on April 10 with a few simple tweets. Keep reading to see the entire story go from wanting to a milkshake to regretting everything about drive-throughs.

First, it begins with wanting a milkshake. Turns out, it's not that easy to get that at McDonald's.

Raby then decides to make sure this Mcdonald's employee is doing alright.

In the middle of the chicken sandwich ordering, things get a little dark.

The story then, of course, takes another turn after Raby agrees to buy an apple pie.

Raby decides to then roll up to the next window to pay. He gets another surprise and story.

But, those two lovebirds weren't the only humans working at that Mcdonald's that night.

Sadly, Raby didn't get the right order he wanted in the end anyway.

No worries! Raby will finally get his milkshake after all — courtesy of McDonald's itself.

The lesson here? Maybe think twice about going through the drive-through late at night. You'll never know what surprises might await you.

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