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No One Can Spot a Girl's Legs in This Photo and It's Driving People CRAZY

If you find yourself a bit bored and willing to test your patience, take a look at this photo that's going viral on Reddit. The photo in question is driving people a bit crazy because no one can find one person's legs in the picture.

The photo, posted by Reddit user jr0d7771, has amassed more than 400 comments from people trying to figure out where the legs of the girl sitting in the middle are. Is she floating? Is she wearing jeans the same colour of the couch? Is this a dream? Is this another trick 2016 is playing on our hearts and brains for fun? Try finding the legs in the photo below.

Find the middle girls legs😳 from pics

Did you spot them? It's OK if you didn't — one Reddit user made the photo brighter and spotted the missing girl's legs.

Response to Reddit

Or, is the actual answer this?

Still curious? Dive deep into the Reddit thread discussing the photo to see other answers (and plenty of jokes). Rather walk away and not let your mind go crazy? That's totally fine, too.

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